Is there a major difference in the political views/ideologies of btc and bch supporters? Does that contribute a lot to why people support one over the other?

From what I saw of anarchapulco videos, it seems most ancaps are pro bch. Most bch people seem to be at least libertarian. I haven’t talked with many btc people (banned from r/bitcoin of course) or at least about their political views. Have you noticed a difference of political views in your conversations with the other side?

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Bitcoin Core supporters (e.g. Vortex) are delusional! BTC mempool has cleared b/c less people are using BTC.

I don't want to call out bs on just Vortex, there are many more people like Jameson lopp who are pushing the narrative that spamming of the network has stopped, and as a result there are almost zero unconfirmed BTC transactions in the mempool and low confirmation fees.

However, this is not true, and I will use Vortex simply because i was too lazy to call everyone out.

First of all, it is true – LN, segwit, batching, and less spamming on the network have all contributed to clearing out part of the mempool.

But the main reason why the mempool has cleared is because less people are using BTC plain and simple.

The Facts:

1) Here are charts on the number of transactions over time on BTC network taken from Vortex's twitter. As to why he was retweeting these charts, i have no clue because they simply make my point stronger:

Both charts show number of transactions have been decreasing steadily since December.

2) The price of bitcoin has also been decreasing since December.

Simple economics shows us that if there were more ppl using BTC, more ppl would buy BTC; therefore, price would drive up. However, the very opposite has been happening. The demand for bitcoin has decreased, which is causing the price to go down.

So Vortex keep trying to slander other ppl. This tweet is just filled with fud. We all know the truth man, your just making yourself look dumb.


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