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HyperCapital is a project that is seeking to bring together the best foots in the crypto community to form a large single gigantic organ that can collectively make remarkable impact in the crypto community. The idea seems to steam from the concept of the blockchain technology which involves bringing together of smaller units of computers from all over the world to form a single giant sized computer that performs high level technological operations which no single entity could have been able to achieve in its own.

For every industry, having a consolidated effort towards a particular project by all important stakeholders is always almost an impossible task sue to the nature of competition and secrecy around doing business. However, if the is any situation where they get to come together and work on a single project and proffer solutions, the results are always out of space, benefiting every participants in the project and ultimately ensuring that the customers or users of the industry wins. This exactly is the basics behind the HyperCapital project. The company understands that putting together the best of the best in the industry can generate more power that can be used for visible impact rather than having everyone go solo in their efforts.

Ryan Xu

XU is the founder of Hcash and a standing board member. He has also been doing some investors job in the crypto sphere by being an angel investor in 12 if the top 20 crypto asset which makes up to about 60% ownership in total. He's also major shareholder of 5 Australian and NASDAQ listed Blockchain technology companies. Xu is also the founder of Collinstar Capital, a faint Blockchain capital investment firm. Through the company, he's done angel investing in Binance (Currently world's largest crypto exchange platform) and ZB.com .

Hyper Capital is a new project and like any new untested project, it involves risk, risk that could possibly lead to having a good optimistic result and benefit every stakeholder on to a loss if capital. The project understands that past result of behaviour if the cryptocurrency community and the blockchain asset a whole is not enough to guarantee the success of the project and therefore trusts that every stakeholder understands the basics of risk and returns as it is in any business.

HyperCapital aims to create a crypto environment that allows digital asset holders put their assets in an automated passive income generating system. The leverage of bringing together different stakeholders in the crypto industry is going to help form an awesome system for cryptocurrency enthusiast regardless if their views and beliefs in the cryptocurrency market. Hyper capital particularly rests on the support of the crypto community and the the crypto industry giants to make this happen. The aim is to have a consolidated effort for cryptocurrency enthusiast, helping them create a system that can generate a daily reward setup across all their digital assets.



To make the project work efficiently and create a fluid system around it that is easy to run, EQIBank has officially gone in partnership with HperTech Group to create the world first Trust Chain and Swift backed stable coin - the HyperUSD. this partnership is particularly interesting because both organization have been on the blockchain network for a long time which makes their much more streamlined for both group. It is indeed a win-win situation for both. The partnership however involves CollinStar too and they'll all be working together to make the HyperUSD a great addition to the decentralized finance (DeFi) as a convertible digital bond. This partnership is the life of the entire Hyper Group project and all participants including their non-active partners will all be putting hands on deck to make the system a working one and ensure its sustainability over time.

How Does HyperTech Earn Income

HyperTech will be opening up its Blockchain Tech incubator called HyperLand that will focus on nurturing new crypto entrants grow and get the process right without having to pass through already known landmines in the blockchain sphere. They'll provide support for the new technological companies from scratch till they find their first investor. Even after this, HyperLand will still be open to them for guidance beyond their IPO or exit.

All users and various stakeholders making use of the HyperCapital system will pay a minute fee which will be used in maintaining the effective operations of the platform.

The HyperTech platform will also make some income from the commission on trades by users on the platform as well as for swap transactions.

The parent companies coming together to give the HyperTech platform a support system also will also be responsible for some operations of the company.


KPMG is a world renowned accounting firms with presence all over the world including Australia, Europe and Africa. HyperTech is having KPMG as its official auditor and that means that HyoerTech will automatically be compliant in every angle fromnit finance operations, spending, tax and purchase. KPMG has one of the most rigorous auditing procedures and that is going to help the project put the right foot first and over time ensure that it becomes complaint of every standards.

HCash is a decentralized blockchain technology platform that enables users share information with eachother on the blockchain and non-blockchain networks. The platform is open source and has a higher security presence compared to other Blockchain platforms. It Particularly employs a quantum resistant signature technology. HCash is currentky listed on 16 top cryptocurrency exchange including Binance, Okex, Bithumb and ZB. By proving its excellence over a 3 year track record, It has received funding from various government organizations around the world and renowned blockchain research universities.