I made a thing. Moon Banking lets you rank banks on crypto-friendliness.

I hope to drop banking entirely at some point, but I'm not there.

I needed to open a new business account, but information about crypto friendliness of banks was scattered everywhere. Thus, Moon Banking.

Moon Banking lets you rank banks on crypto-friendliness, as well as share your stories about banks.

https://moonbanking.com — Feedback appreciated.

FYI: I identify as a 15-year-old girl who just started writing code three hours ago.

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Addressing an emerging sentiment amongst some of our community

In todays Bitcoin community, both online and in person, I have been consistently hearing some variant of this sentiment: “r/bitcoin is a crazy place, I haven’t visited that forum in years! Look at what the people there are saying. They must be literally insane to believe this shit.” Also, just as a testament to how consistently this line of thought is employed, even though I have not explained exactly what the “shit” is that I'm referencing, I'd be willing to bet a bit or two that there is a general understanding of what I am talking about. (If not, please ask!)

Just to get the obvious out of my head, characterizing the tone of a censored forum is a catch 22. The topics and tones that are highlighted in r/bitcoin cannot be used to reliably analyze the sentiment of that community. What we are seeing is a carefully cultivated stream of information that has been allowed past the filter. As we know from countless posts highlighting this, there's just as much unseen filtered content that stands in stark contrast to the crazy “shit” that has come to characterize that subreddit.

One question I’d like to make to our community: are the individuals who consistently visit/comment and post to r/bitcoin wrong for doing so if their routine is based on incomplete information? This question clearly ignores the actual paid trolls and abusers who day and night harass the communities found here and on twitter regardless of their own personal beliefs.

To visualize this question, envision a hard core Bcash-ist who has gathered all of the cryptocurrency information they know from forums like r/bitcoin. Their community’s icons and orators are people such as Tone Vays, Whale Panda, Fluffy Pony, Samson Mow, Adam Back, Greg Maxwell, Luke-Jr and so on.

While it is relatively easy to counter the arguments made by individuals such as our example extremist with facts and evidence, it is easier even still to forget that the person behind the persona could well be ignorant of the fact that they have been misled and misinformed. If this ignorance is present, logical counters to their arguments may well go unnoticed by the extremist not because of lack of logic but because to them it simply does not compute. Often times, individuals like this have had their fundamentals warped by carefully calculated talking points and FUD.

My own personal answer to this question: No, it isn’t wrong of them, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t upsetting to see the extent of how common this issue is. I believe that we all owe Bitcoin a great deal of time, energy, and dedication. Deriving how exactly these resources are applied to it becomes the individual responsibility of each of us. But even more still, I am of the opinion that our community owes something to those people that have found themselves caught in the misinformation campaign of r/bitcoin. While we would do well to disregard those who cannot or intentionally will not hear what they have been deliberately deprived of, we would be wise in equal measure to address the newcomers and upstarts who have begun their Bitcoin journeys in gloomy places like r/bitcoin.

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